Safe-T-Pull PRO

    Our PRO model is top of the line! With several years of pulling loads over 80 tons, this system will get you out of a wet spot time and time again. Our patented cam design allows the PRO to swivel as equipment is being towed around corners. The swivel cam also keeps the pulling arm centered making hook up simple and fast. The PRO folds up to 90 degrees for storage and tight maneuvering. The unique shock absorbing deign cushions the pull for unmatched comfort.


    • Heavy duty! Field tested on loads over 80 tons
    • Shock absorbing design cushions the pull on takeoff unlike dangerous chains
    • Patented cam self-centering system
    • Folds up to 90 degrees
    • SMART Lift cylinder restricts the flow of hydraulic fluid to provide smooth control
      • Also features a float valve to protect the cylinder when maneuvering over hilly terrain
    • Hook from the comfort of your cab; never get out into the mud again
    • Unhook on the go to save precious time
    • Powder coated tough


    Hook up typeUniversal Drawbar System
    Ease of Installation4 out of 5
    Time/Tool Required10 minutes/General hand tools required/Lift Truck
    Field Tested Capacities160,000 lbs
    Warranty Life2 Years Manufact. Defect

    Safe-T-Pull PRO Video

    What they’re saying

    The Safe-T-Pull Pro saved us a ton of time during harvest and was one of the best equipment upgrades we made in 2014.

    Scott Feuerhelm – Plymouth Dairy – Le Mars, IA