Safe-T-Pull is an innovative hitch and towing system that makes assisting and pulling trucks, tractors, and other equipment through tough conditions easy and safe.

The Safe-T-Pull Original was developed by a farmer after a deadly farming accident in northeastern North Dakota in the 90’s. It didn’t take long for the product to catch on, and all area farmers agree it is an indispensable tool during our short and critical harvest window in October. Red River Valley mud is famously rich, and subsequently notorious, and has provided an excellent testing ground through the last two decades.

We started with infamous mud, but our product has traveled across the country and has successfully battled various tough conditions, including clay and sand.

The Safe-T-Pull Family of Products

Safe-T-Pull Truck Hitches

Truck Hitches

It’s easy to get connected! Easy-mount hitch mechanism makes any truck ready to be pulled safely. Fastens into existing tow hook mounts. Easily accessible. Pulling point centered between both frame rails. Simply call in the model of your truck to one of our local dealers. Reduces the risk of twisting your frame and damage to your truck. All hitches are powder-coated to protect the life of your investment.

Safe-T-Pull Original safety puller


The one that started it all! Very little has changed on the ORIGINAL in the last 20 years. Whether you are pulling for two weeks of sugar beet harvest or are pulling every day at the construction site, the ORIGINAL will get the job done. The unique shock absorbing deign cushions the pull for unmatched comfort. Springs and cables keep the pulling arm on center to make hooking up simple and fast.

Safe-T-Pull PRO

Our PRO model is top of the line! With several years of pulling loads over 80 tons, this system will get you out of a wet spot time and time again. Our patented cam design allows the PRO to swivel as equipment is being towed around corners. The swivel cam also keeps the pulling arm centered making hook up simple and fast. The PRO folds up to 90 degrees for storage and tight maneuvering. The unique shock absorbing deign cushions the pull for unmatched comfort.


The COMPACT is the same as the PRO model except 4 feet shorter. This model is specifically designed for self-propelled forage harvesters. The shorter distance keeps the truck close for ease of loading when opening a field. Like the PRO, the COMPACT still has the patented cam and unique shock absorbing deign. Don’t have a drawbar to mount the Safe-T-Pull COMPACT? We offer custom built receivers to make hook up a breeze. We also offer a self-contained hydraulic unit that uses a wireless remote if your harvester doesn’t have auxiliary hydraulics.

Safe-T-Pull HD

When you need heavy-duty safety, count on the SAFE-T-PULL HD™! 8″ steel tube and 2″ tongue construction handles even the biggest industrial jobs! Heavy-duty connectors take punishment and stay functional. Self-contained hydraulic system means the SAFE-T-PULL HD™ works on any industrial vehicle, whether it has existing hydraulics or not. Operated by wireless remote from the comfort of your cab! When you need heavy-duty safety, count on the SAFE-T-PULL HD™!

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