The Safe-T-Pull Original was developed by a farmer after a deadly farming accident in northeastern North Dakota in the 90s. It didn’t take long for the product to catch on, and all area farmers agree, it is an indispensable tool during our short and critical harvest window in October. Red River Valley mud is famously rich, and subsequently notorious, and has provided an excellent testing ground through the last three decades.

We started with infamous mud, but our product has traveled across the country and has successfully battled various tough conditions, including clay and sand.

Next was the Safe-T-Pull Pro. This model came from curiosity and suggestions, trying to find ways to improve on the Original. After several years of development, we released a product that fit the bill perfectly. The strength and durability of the Original, with added features to make tough jobs a bit easier.

Finally, we have our often imitated but never duplicated Safe-T-Pull Truck Hitches. We have years of experience with nearly every model of truck on the road and in the field. This experience lends to an expertise in force and torque, ensuring they hold up to your most difficult jobs. Remember, if it doesn’t say Safe-T-Pull, it’s not!